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         Lauren Buric

Pugs Barret Bailey preparing for 2016 Golden Gloves

3/09/2016 - Woodstock Independent article -Baret Bailey & the 2016 Chicago Golden Gloves

5/25/12 - Patch Article. "Contender's First Boxing Coach Paints a Picture", Dobry Commissioned to do Portrait of Pug's Alumni, Mike Lee

5/26/12 - Chicago Tribune Article: 'On The Canvas', Dobry's Portrait of Mike Lee

        Jenn Jacobs


5/25/12 - Pug's Owner & Head Trainer, Gary Dobry showing new work @ Packer Schopf in Chicago

5/16/12 - PR - Gary Dobry @ Packer Schopf Gallery : June 1st thru July 7th, 2012

Pugs Asst Trainer Jeff Lanas vs Roberto Duran

5/12/12 - Chicago Tribune article: Pug's Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, Exhibiting New Paintings at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, June 1 - July 7, 2012

Pug's Hall-of-Famer, Ricky Lanas vs. Montell Griffin

3/8/12 - Pug's Chris Hill Moves on to the Semi-Finals in the 2012 Chicago Golden Gloves

1/29/12 - Pug's  Prospect Chris Hill Victorious at University Club

Pugs' CutMan Lorenzo Meyer & James 'Lights-Out' Toney

11/17/11 - Chicago Tribune - Smokin' Joe Frazier and Pug's Boxing Club @ The School of Hard Knocks

10/26/11 - Chicago Tribune - Youth Boxing at the School of Hard Knocks

139lb Chicago Silver Glove Champion Deon Johnson sparring w/ Crusierweight contender Dimar Ortuz

10/19/11 - Patch Article -Pug's High-Schooler a Wrestler who Boxes

9/26/11 - Northern Illinois University will host guest artist Gary Dobry, Head Trainer @ Pug's Boxing Club, whose work is currently on display @ The Jack Olson Gallery in the show "Inked". Dobry will speak on Monday, September 26, at 5:00pm

Pug Hall-of-Famer, current light-heavyweight contender, Mike Lee

9/7/11 - Patch Article - Cary-Grove's Chris Hill Stands Out at Pug’s Boxing Club - Click here for article

8/29/11 - Pugs' Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, will exhibit some of his paintings in 'Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art' @ Northern Illinos University. Read article by clicking here

 Pugs' Head Trainer, Gary Dobry

6/9/11 - Chicago Tribune article, "Two Heavyweights Show Their Canvases". Pug's Head Trainer Gary Dobry exhibits new work with blues legend Bumble-Bee Bob Novak at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago

        Lauren Buric

11/6/10 - Chicago Tribune article, "Life After Ed Paschke and Henry Miller, Solo Exhibition, Gary Dobry, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, 11/19-12/14/10

6/1/10 - " Mother and daughter spend quality time together at a boxing gym in Crystal Lake

3/25/10 - Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Jeff Lanas meets-up with his old nemisis, Roberto Duran

The Castro Brothers, Pug's 7 & 12 yr. old Jr. prospects    

1/13/10 -"She Stays Trim with the Help of a Boxer's Workout", Chicago Fitness Examiner

12/08/09 - Pugs' Boxing team starts training for 2010 Chicago Golden Gloves

8/15/08 - NW Herald; Dobry Opens New Gym in Crystal Lake!

WBC Lightweight Champ David Diaz &  Bill Heglin

3/15/06 - Chicago Tribune; Obed Sullivan on Comeback trail

2/27/06 - Dobry signs deal to train former NABF & IBF heavyweight champ OBED SULLIVAN

 Pugs' Hall-of-Famer Jose Hernandez

11/19/05 - Where did Olin Kreutz learn to punch like that?

11/16/05 -Chicago Tribune article - Kreutz boxing coach steps up


Trainer Tony Prignits & Pug's Prospect Chris Hill (2012)    

Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Golden Glove Champ, John Venesanakos


         Jose & Tony


   Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Rick Lanas

  Pugs' owner Gary Dobry (r)
  Buzz Kilman, Radio Legend (l) 

Pugs' Cut-Man Extraordinaire, Lorenzo Meyer (cornering  in Smokin' Joe Frazier's last fight vs. Jumbo Cummings)

   (l) Pugs' Hillary Slater

  Dobry & Danny Bonaduce

Jimmy Younan, Danny Bonaduce, Gary Kruse, Pat Gavin & Pug's owner, Gary Dobry

Pugs' Owner Gary Dobry (l)& Gary Kruse (r)



       Kingdom Come
        by Gary Dobry





   GO THE ROUNDS & LOSE THE LBS.          










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  Baret Bailey vs. Claire Crowley, 2016 Golden Gloves



     2014 178 lb Chicago Golden Gloves finalist Dana Muligano & semi-finalist,Jackie Howard         



Pug's Boxing Club @ The School of Hard Knocks is located at 824 S Main St. in Crystal Lake, Il.. We are a full-service boxing and fitness facility. We offer boxing classes, personal training, competitive boxing (pro and amateur/Golden Gloves). We are coed and all ages! We are an old-school boxing gym that also provides its' members state-of-the-art cardio-vascular amenities (treadmills, equilibrium machines, steppers, etc.), free-weights and machines for cross-training and to help you achieve your boxing & personal training goals. Our trainers are all certified by USA Boxing and have trained numerous pro and amateur boxers and champions. What we do NOT offer is a corporate-designed 'Boxer-obic' or 'Boxer-cize' class like Title Boxing Club or LA Boxing that simply exploits the novelty of boxing (wearing handwraps, gloves, etc.) to cash-in on novelty for profit. Whether you goal is to compete in the Golden Gloves, the prize-ring, or just to get into FIGHTING SHAPE, you will achieve your goals at Pug's Boxing Club while getting schooled in the art and science of Boxing. We take boxing very seriously. We take our members very seriously and we turn out champions both in, and out, of the ring.


  At the School of Hard Knocks we offer high-quality boxing instruction at affordable prices. We do not get clients into long-term contracts that rack-up $100 - $200 monthly charges on their credit card or do we debit client's checking accounts.  We don't promise clients the world and then fail to provide to them what was promised or to entrap them in a contract they can't get out of. We are not a front for a finance company and we do not retain the services of bill collectors. We don't have to. What we DO do, is provide hi-quality services at affordable prices. It is relatively easy to get a person desperate to get into shape, or wanting to box, to sign-up for a membership, the FIRST TIME. What our challenge is... is to get existing members to renew after their original membership expires. At that time the member will ask himself, "What did I get out of the membership?", "Did I lose fat?", "Did I lose inches?", "Has my cardio-vascular fitness improved?", "Have I acquired above-average boxing skills?", “Was it FUN?”  Our success is totally dependent on the excellence of the services we provide and for us to keep those services affordable to a niche demographic that is, and has been, exploited by Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts facilities offering sub-par boxing instruction as part of an expensive contract that is impossible to get out of. Our business depends on renewals to continue as a going concern. We understand that. That is why our members are very special to us and why we treat them as special.

Come and try-out a class for free. See if it's for you. Talk to the other members. Get their input. We believe that we offer a membership that will simply KNOCK YOU OUT!

Gary Dobry

                                   FULL DISCLOSURE!

We love our members. You keep us in business. To keep membership prices affordable, it is up to us to provide excellent service to the members we have because our business depends upon members renewing for us to remain a going concern. We are TRANSPARENT with our renewal policy and with our members. If you have any questions concerning your membership agreement or you just need another copy of your membership agreement, you can call us at: 815 356 6572. Generic copies of our membership agreement and 'NOTICE NOT TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP' can be downloaded here for your convenience:

  Our Membership Agreement for FULL DISCLOSURE (always read carefully before you sign anything!)

NOTICE NOT TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP - must be submitted 60 DAYS before your Revolving Payment/Renewal date (download & email or snail mail to: Pugs Boxing Club @ The School of Hard Knocks (ATTENTION: ACCOUNTING), 824 S Main St., #102, Crystal Lake, Il., 60014)

Owner/Operator & Head Trainer, Gary Dobry  


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                          Call us @ 815 356 6572 for more info

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         just a few of the prestigious alum who have matriculated for our school of higher learning

  Ex-Bear All-Pro Center Olin Kruetz


                    Former IBF & NABF Heavyweight Champ, Obed Sullivan


        Jeff Lanas (vs. Roberto Duran)

                 THE REAL 'ROCKY' STORY!



         Mike Lee

        Rick Lanas


       Jose Hernandez (r)

     Tommy Zbikowski


                   Chicago Golden Gloves Champion John Venesanakos

                                w/ trainers Dave Kral & Tim Martin

        Gary Dobry (l), Danny Bonaduce (r)

        Lorenzo Meyer

      Pug's Owner Gary Dobry (L)                            

    ADDRESS: 824 S Main St., Crystal Lake, Il. 60014

    PHONE NUMBER: 815 356 6572

    CONTACT PERSON:  Gary Dobry

    WEBSITE QUESTIONS: pugsgym@aol.com

          'The Early Rounds' (Portrait of Mike Lee), 30" X 40", acrylic on canvas - commissioned work

                       READ PATCH ARTICLE about painting

                           READ CHICAGO TRIB ARTICLE

Gary Dobry at Packer Schopf Gallery Thru July 7, 2012: New Work with Brenda Venus (Life After Henry Miller and Ed Paschke)    

                 Gary Dobry & Brenda Venus, new work:  http://www.pr.com/press-release/451275

            BrendaVenus.com Coffee Mugs



                   BVenus Lingerie 'Wifebeater' T's



Brenda featured in Muscle & Fitness, "Exercise Junkie, How Brenda Venus Built that Body" by Bill Dobbins of 'Pumping Iron' fame

 Gary Dobry and Brenda Venus' New Work: Tipping the Scales  

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